HttpCookieCollection.Get Method (String)

Returns the cookie with the specified name from the cookie collection.

Namespace: System.Web
Assembly: System.Web (in system.web.dll)

public HttpCookie Get (
	string name
public HttpCookie Get (
	String name
public function Get (
	name : String
) : HttpCookie
Not applicable.



The name of the cookie to retrieve from the collection.

Return Value

The HttpCookie specified by name.

If the named cookie does not exist, this method creates a new cookie with that name.

The following example captures the cookie collection sent by the client into a new cookie collection, retrieves the cookie named "LastVisit" from the new collection, and updates the cookie's value to the current date and time.

HttpCookieCollection MyCookieCollection = Request.Cookies;
 HttpCookie MyCookie = MyCookieCollection.Get("LastVisit");
 MyCookie.Value = DateTime.Now.ToString();

HttpCookieCollection myCookieCollection = get_Request().get_Cookies();
HttpCookie myCookie = myCookieCollection.Get("LastVisit");


var myCookieCollection : HttpCookieCollection = Request.Cookies
var myCookie : HttpCookie = myCookieCollection.Get("LastVisit")
myCookie.Value = DateTime.Now.ToString()

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