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Called to tell the moniker how to bind.

   DWORD* pgrfBSCF,
   BINDINFO* pbindinfo 


[out] A pointer to BINDF enumeration values indicating how the bind operation should occur. By default, set with the following enumeration values:

BINDF_ASYNCHRONOUS   Asynchronous download.

BINDF_ASYNCSTORAGE   OnDataAvailable returns E_PENDING when data is not yet available rather than blocking until data is available.

BINDF_GETNEWESTVERSION   The bind operation should retrieve the newest version of the data.

BINDF_NOWRITECACHE   The bind operation should not store retrieved data in the disk cache.

[in, out] A pointer to the BINDINFO structure giving more information about how the object wants binding to occur.

Return Value

One of the standard HRESULT values.


The default implementation sets the binding to be asynchronous and to use the data-push model. In the data-push model, the moniker drives the asynchronous bind operation and continuously notifies the client whenever new data is available.

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