This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Call this function after the document has been modified.

void UpdateAllViews( 
   CView* pSender, 
   LPARAM lHint = 0L, 
   CObject* pHint = NULL  


Points to the view that modified the document, or NULL if all views are to be updated.


Contains information about the modification.


Points to an object storing information about the modification.

You should call this function after you call the SetModifiedFlag member function. This function informs each view attached to the document, except for the view specified by pSender, that the document has been modified. You typically call this function from your view class after the user has changed the document through a view.

This function calls the CView::OnUpdate member function for each of the document's views except the sending view, passing pHint and lHint. Use these parameters to pass information to the views about the modifications made to the document. You can encode information using lHint and/or you can define a CObject-derived class to store information about the modifications and pass an object of that class using pHint. Override the CView::OnUpdate member function in your CView-derived class to optimize the updating of the view's display based on the information passed.

void CExampleDoc::OnUpdateAllViews()

Header: afxwin.h