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Remote Components Setup

Remote Components Setup

Remote Components Setup installs the following files.

Note   Remote debugging setup installs SQL Debugging Components for SQL Server. The remote setup runs automatically when you install Visual Studio .NET, or you can choose to run it separately. For more information, see SQL Debugging Components.
File Full remote debugging Native only
coloader.dll X  
coloader.tlb X  
cpde.dll X  
csee.dll X  
csm.dll X  
dbgproxy.exe X  
dbghelp.dll X X
diasymreader.dll X  
jsee.dll X  
NatDbgDM.dll X X
NatDbgTLNet.dll X X
mcee.dll X  
mcee_cs.dat X  
mcee_mc.dat X  
mdm.exe X  
mdmui.dll X  
msdbg2.dll X  
msdis130.dll X  
mssdi98.dll X  
mspdb71.dll X  
msvcmon.exe X X
msvcp71.dll X X
msvcr71.dll X X
pdm.dll X  
psapi.dll X X
shmetapdb.dll X  
sqldbg.dll X  
vjee.dat X  
vs7jit.exe X  

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