This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Enters an ATL object into the object map, updates the registry, and creates an instance of the object.



[in] The CLSID of a COM class implemented by the C++ class named class.


[in] The name of the C++ class implementing the COM class represented by clsid.

Object entry macros are placed at global scope in the project to provide support for the registration, initialization, and creation of a class.

OBJECT_ENTRY_AUTO enters the function pointers of the creator class and class-factory creator class CreateInstance functions for this object into the auto-generated ATL object map. When CAtlComModule::RegisterServer is called, it updates the system registry for each object in the object map.

The table below describes how the information added to the object map is obtained from the class given as the second parameter to this macro.

Information for

Obtained from

COM registration

Registry Macros

Class factory creation

Class Factory Macros

Instance creation

Aggregation Macros

Component category registration

Category Macros

Class-level initialization and cleanup


Header: atlcom.h