This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Sets RGB color values and flags in a range of entries in a logical palette.

UINT SetPaletteEntries(
   UINT nStartIndex,
   UINT nNumEntries,
   LPPALETTEENTRY lpPaletteColors 



Specifies the first entry in the logical palette to be set.


Specifies the number of entries in the logical palette to be set.


Points to an array of PALETTEENTRY data structures to receive the palette entries. The array must contain at least as many data structures as specified by nNumEntries.

The number of entries set in the logical palette; 0 if the function failed.

If the logical palette is selected into a device context when the application calls SetPaletteEntries, the changes will not take effect until the application calls CDC::RealizePalette.

For more information on the Windows structure PALETTEENTRY, see PALETTEENTRY in the Platform SDK.