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IDTExtensibility2.OnConnection Method

Occurs whenever an add-in is loaded into Visual Studio.

Namespace:  Extensibility
Assembly:  Extensibility (in Extensibility.dll)

Sub OnConnection ( _
	Application As Object, _
	ConnectMode As ext_ConnectMode, _
	AddInInst As Object, _
	ByRef custom As Array _
Dim instance As IDTExtensibility2 
Dim Application As Object 
Dim ConnectMode As ext_ConnectMode 
Dim AddInInst As Object 
Dim custom As Array

instance.OnConnection(Application, ConnectMode, _
	AddInInst, custom)


Type: System.Object

A reference to an instance of the integrated development environment (IDE), DTE, which is the root object of the Visual Studio automation model.

Type: Extensibility.ext_ConnectMode

An ext_ConnectMode enumeration value that indicates the way the add-in was loaded into Visual Studio.

Type: System.Object

An AddIn reference to the add-in's own instance. This is stored for later use, such as determining the parent collection for the add-in.

Type: System.Array%

An empty array that you can use to pass host-specific data for use in the add-in.

OnConnection is the main method for IDTExtensibility2, because it is called every time an add-in is loaded. It is the entry point for an add-in when it is loaded, so you can put any code here (or call any another function) that you want to run when the add-in starts.

Public Sub OnConnection(ByVal application As Object, ByVal _
connectMode As ext_ConnectMode, ByVal addInInst As Object, _
ByRef custom As Array) Implements IDTExtensibility2.OnConnection
    applicationObject = CType(application, DTE2)
    addInInstance = CType(addInInst, AddIn)
    MsgBox("Add-in is connected.")
End Sub

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