OnBeginShutdown Method
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IDTExtensibility2.OnBeginShutdown Method

Occurs whenever the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) shuts down while an add-in is running.

Namespace:  Extensibility
Assembly:  Extensibility (in Extensibility.dll)

void OnBeginShutdown(
	ref Array custom


Type: System.Array%

An empty array that you can use to pass host-specific data for use in the add-in.

Although a shutdown of Visual Studio might be canceled, the OnBeginShutdown method cannot be canceled. As a result, add-ins should assume that all shutdown events occur and perform any cleanup routines accordingly.

This method can be used to store the settings of the add-in at the time that Visual Studio shuts down so that it can be restored later to its original state.

public void OnBeginShutdown(ref Array custom)
    // Place cleanup code here.
    System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show("Shutting down Visual 

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