ResolveNamesType members

The ResolveNamesType class represents a request to resolve names against the Active Directory directory service and a user's default Contacts folder.

The ResolveNamesType type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method ResolveNamesType The ResolveNamesType constructor initializes a new instance of the ResolveNamesType class.

  Name Description
Public property ContactDataShape
Public property ContactDataShapeSpecified
Public property ParentFolderIds
Public property ReturnFullContactData The ReturnFullContactData property gets or sets a Boolean value that specifies whether contact details for a public contact are returned in the response. This property is required. This is a read/write property.
Public property SearchScope
Public property UnresolvedEntry The UnresolvedEntry property gets or sets a string that specifies an ambiguous name to resolve. This property is required. This is a read/write property.

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