NotificationType members

The NotificationType class contains information about the subscription and the events that have occurred since the last notification.

The NotificationType type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method NotificationType The NotificationType constructor initializes a new instance of the NotificationType class.

  Name Description
Public property Items The Items property gets or sets an array of items.
Public property ItemsElementName The ItemsElementName property gets or sets an array of elements of the type ItemsChoiceType3 that specifies the type of response for each corresponding element in the Items property.
Public property MoreEvents The MoreEvents property gets or sets a value that indicates whether more events to be delivered to the client exist in the queue.
Public property MoreEventsSpecified
Public property PreviousWatermark The PreviousWatermark property gets or sets the watermark of the latest event that was successfully communicated to the client for the subscription.
Public property SubscriptionId The SubscriptionId property gets or sets the identifier for a subscription.

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