GetUserOofSettingsResponse members

The GetUserOofSettingsResponse class contains the response message and the out of office (OOF) settings for a user.

The GetUserOofSettingsResponse type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method GetUserOofSettingsResponse The GetUserOofSettingsResponse constructor initializes a new instance of the GetUserOofSettingsResponse class.

  Name Description
Public property AllowExternalOof The AllowExternalOof property gets or sets a value that indicates to whom external out of office (OOF) messages are sent.
Public property AllowExternalOofSpecified The AllowExternalOofSpecified property gets or sets a Boolean value that specifies whether the AllowExternalOof property is serialized into the SOAP message. This property is required if the AllowExternalOof property is specified.
Public property OofSettings The OofSettings property gets or sets the user's out of office (OOF) settings.
Public property ResponseMessage The ResponseMessage property gets or sets descriptive information about the response status for a single entity in a request.

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