GetServerTimeZonesType members

The GetServerTimeZonesType class represents a request to retrieve time zone definitions from the Exchange Server.

The GetServerTimeZonesType type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method GetServerTimeZonesType The GetServerTimeZonesType constructor initializes a new instance of the GetServerTimeZonesType class.

  Name Description
Public property Ids The Ids property gets or sets an array of identifiers that represent the requested time zone definitions.
Public property ReturnFullTimeZoneData The ReturnFullTimeZoneData property gets or sets a Boolean value that indicates whether the GetServerTimeZones operation returns the complete definition or only the name and identifier for each time zone.
Public property ReturnFullTimeZoneDataSpecified The ReturnFullTimeZoneDataSpecified property gets a Boolean value that specifies whether the ReturnFullTimeZoneData property is serialized into the SOAP request.

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