This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

FreeBusyViewOptionsType.MergedFreeBusyIntervalInMinutes Property

The MergedFreeBusyIntervalInMinutes property gets or sets the time difference between two successive slots in the FreeBusyMerged view. This property is optional. This is a read/write property.

Namespace:  ExchangeWebServices
Assembly:  EWS (in EWS.dll)

public int MergedFreeBusyIntervalInMinutes { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: System.Int32
The MergedFreeBusyIntervalInMinutes property returns an integer that represents a time difference in minutes.

The default value for this property is 30 minutes. Six minutes is the minimum interval and one day (1440 minutes) is the maximum interval value for this property. This value is used only if the RequestedView property is set to MergedOnly, FreeBusyMerged, or DetailedMerged. The stream that contains the intervals that are defined by this property is returned in the MergedFreeBusy property.

You must set the MergedFreeBusyIntervalInMinutesSpecified property to true so that the MergedFreeBusyIntervalInMinutes property is serialized into the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) request.