EffectiveRightsType class

The EffectiveRightsType class contains the client's rights based on the permission settings for the item or folder. This class was introduced in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1).


Namespace:  ExchangeWebServices
Assembly:  EWS (in EWS.dll)

public class EffectiveRightsType

The EffectiveRightsType class is supported in the GetFolderResponseType, GetItemType, FindFolderType, FindItemType, SyncFolderHierarchyType, and SyncFolderItemsType response classes. The EffectiveRightsType class is exposed as a property in the AllProperties shape for folders and items.

The EffectiveRightsType class provides access to the same information that is provided in the PR_ACCESS MAPI property.

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