This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ContainmentComparisonType Enumeration

The ContainmentComparisonType enumeration indicates whether the search ignores casing and spaces.

Namespace:  ExchangeWebServices
Assembly:  EWS (in EWS.dll)

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Member nameDescription
ExactSpecifies that the comparison must be exact.
IgnoreCaseSpecifies that the comparison ignores casing.
IgnoreNonSpacingCharactersSpecifies that the comparison ignores non-spacing characters.
LooseTo be removed.
IgnoreCaseAndNonSpacingCharactersSpecifies that the comparison ignores casing and non-spacing characters.
LooseAndIgnoreCaseTo be removed.
LooseAndIgnoreNonSpaceTo be removed.
LooseAndIgnoreCaseAndIgnoreNonSpaceTo be removed.

This enumeration is used by the ContainmentComparison property of the ContainsExpressionType object.