CalendarPermissionReadAccessType enumeration

The CalendarPermissionReadAccessType enumeration specifies whether a user has permission to read items in a Calendar folder.

Namespace:  ExchangeWebServices
Assembly:  EWS (in EWS.dll)

public enum CalendarPermissionReadAccessType

Member nameDescription
NoneThe user does not have permission to view items in the calendar.
TimeOnlyThe user has permission to view only free/busy time in the calendar.
TimeAndSubjectAndLocationThe user has permission to view free/busy time in the calendar and the subject and location of appointments.
FullDetailsThe user has permission to view all items in the calendar, including free/busy time and subject, location, and details of appointments.

This enumeration is used by the ReadItems (CalendarPermissionType) property of the CalendarPermissionType object and by the SharingEffectiveRights (CalendarPermissionReadAccessType) property of the CalendarFolderType object.