This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Conversion Summary (Visual Basic)

Visual Basic language keywords and run-time library members are organized by purpose and use.


Language element

Convert ANSI value to string.

Chr , ChrW

Convert string to lowercase or uppercase.

Format , LCase,UCase

Convert date to serial number.

DateSerial , DateValue

Convert decimal number to other bases.

Hex , Oct

Convert number to string.

Format , Str

Convert one data type to another.

CBool, CByte, CDate, CDbl, CDec, CInt, CLng, CSng, CShort, CStr, CType, Fix, Int

Convert date to day, month, weekday, or year.

Day , Month, Weekday, Year

Convert time to hour, minute, or second.

Hour , Minute, Second

Convert string to ASCII value.

Asc , AscW

Convert string to number.


Convert time to serial number.

TimeSerial , TimeValue