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CAcl Members
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CAcl Members


CAcl The constructor.
~CAcl The destructor.
GetAceCount Returns the number of access-control entry (ACE) objects.
GetAclEntries Retrieves the access-control list (ACL) entries from the CAcl object.
GetAclEntry Retrieves all of the information about an entry in a CAcl object.
GetLength Returns the length of the ACL.
GetPACL Returns a PACL (pointer to an ACL).
IsEmpty Tests the CAcl object for entries.
IsNull Returns the status of the CAcl object.
RemoveAces Removes alls ACEs (access-control entries) from the CAcl that apply to the given CSid.
SetEmpty Marks the CAcl object as empty.
SetNull Marks the CAcl object as NULL.


operator = Assignment operator.
operator const ACL * Casts a CAcl object to an ACL structure.


CAccessMaskArray An array of ACCESS_MASKs.
CAceFlagArray An array of BYTEs.
CAceTypeArray An array of BYTEs.

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