This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Using Labels in the case Statement

Labels that appear after the case keyword cannot also appear outside a switch statement. (This restriction also applies to the default keyword.) The following code fragment shows the correct use of case labels:

// Sample Microsoft Windows message processing loop.
switch( msg )
   case WM_TIMER:    // Process timer event.
      SetClassWord( hWnd, GCW_HICON, ahIcon[nIcon++] );
      ShowWindow( hWnd, SW_SHOWNA );
      nIcon %= 14;

   case WM_PAINT:
      // Obtain a handle to the device context.
      // BeginPaint will send WM_ERASEBKGND if appropriate.

      memset( &ps, 0x00, sizeof(PAINTSTRUCT) );
      hDC = BeginPaint( hWnd, &ps );

      // Inform Windows that painting is complete.

      EndPaint( hWnd, &ps );

   case WM_CLOSE:
      // Close this window and all child windows.

      KillTimer( hWnd, TIMER1 );
      DestroyWindow( hWnd );
      if ( hWnd == hWndMain )
         PostQuitMessage( 0 );  // Quit the application.

      // This choice is taken for all messages not specifically
      //  covered by a case statement.

      return DefWindowProc( hWnd, Message, wParam, lParam );