How to: Select Templates

Editing a template requires that you select an ASP.NET mobile control and an applied device filter. Visual Studio always displays the template set associated with the current device filter. The current device filter determines which template set is available for editing. When you change the current device filter, the designer enables you to edit the templates associated with the newly selected filter.

To select a different template or template set to edit

  1. Select the control whose template you want to edit.

  2. Select the current device filter by doing the following:

    1. Right-click the control, and in the shortcut menu, click Templating Options. The Templating Options dialog box is displayed.

    2. In the Applied Device Filter list, select a device filter and then click Close.


    3. In the Properties window, use the drop-down list next to theTemplateDeviceFilterproperty to select an applied device filter.

    You can now edit the template or template set associated with the selected device.

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