dbgEventReason2 Enumeration
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dbgEventReason2 Enumeration

Specifies the reason for most debugging events.

Namespace:  EnvDTE80
Assembly:  EnvDTE80 (in EnvDTE80.dll)

public enum dbgEventReason2

Member nameDescription
dbgEventReason2NoneDeprecated. Not in use.
dbgEventReason2GoDebugging continued.
dbgEventReason2AttachProgramProgram was attached.
dbgEventReason2DetachProgramProgram was detached.
dbgEventReason2LaunchProgramProgram was launched.
dbgEventReason2EndProgramProgram ended.
dbgEventReason2StopDebuggingProcess being debugged has been terminated or detached.
dbgEventReason2StepStep into debugger occurred.
dbgEventReason2BreakpointBreakpoint was hit.
dbgEventReason2ExceptionThrownAn exception was thrown.
dbgEventReason2ExceptionNotHandledAn exception was not handled.
dbgEventReason2UserBreakUser hits break.
dbgEventReason2ContextSwitchUser switched stackframes, threads, or processes.
dbgEventReason2EvaluationAn evaluation occurred.
dbgEventReason2UnwindFromExceptionAfter an exception has occurred, the state has been reset to the state prior to when the exception was thrown.

Used by the Debugger object's LastBreakReason property and by the Debugger event OnEnterBreakMode.

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