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TextPoint Interface


Represents a location of text in a text document.

Namespace:   EnvDTE
Assembly:  EnvDTE (in EnvDTE.dll)

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Gets the one-based character offset from the beginning of the document to the TextPoint object.


Gets whether the object is at the end of the document.


Gets whether or not object is at the end of a line.


Gets whether or not the object is at the beginning of the document.


Gets whether or not the object is at the beginning of a line.


Returns the code element at the TextPoint location.


Gets the number of the current displayed column containing the TextPoint object.


Gets the top-level extensibility object.


Gets the line number of the object.


Gets the character offset of the object.


Gets the number of characters in a line containing the object, excluding the new line character.


Gets the immediate parent object of a TextPoint object.


Creates and returns an EditPoint object at the location of the calling object.


Returns whether the value of the given point object's AbsoluteCharOffset property is equal to that of the calling TextPoint object.


Indicates whether or not the value of the calling object's AbsoluteCharOffset property is greater than that of the given point object.


Indicates whether or not the value of the called object's AbsoluteCharOffset property is less than that of the given object.

System_CAPS_pubmethodTryToShow(vsPaneShowHow, Object)

Attempts to display the text point's location.

The TextPoint object allows you to find locations in a document. Using the properties of the TextPoint object, you can find text with:

  • Line numbers

  • Character numbers in a line

  • Absolute character locations from the beginning of the document

  • Display columns

TextPoint objects are similar to EditPoint objects, except that they operate on text displayed in a code editor rather than data in the text buffer. Text in a document is affected by global editor states, such as word wrapping and virtual spaces, but the text buffer is not.

As you edit a document, TextPoint objects do not move relative to their surrounding text. That is, if text is inserted before a text point, then the value of its AbsoluteCharOffset property is incremented to reflect its new location further down in the document. If multiple TextPoint objects are at the same location and an EditPoint object is used to insert new text, then the new characters are to the right of all of the TextPoint objects except the one used to insert the text.

Any operation that attempts to modify a TextDocument object fails if the TextDocument is read-only.

Sub TextPointExample()
   ' Comments a region of code.
   Dim selection As TextSelection
   selection = dte.ActiveDocument.selection()
   Dim Start As Editpoint
   Start = selection.TopPoint.CreateEditPoint()
   Dim endpt As TextPointendpt = selection.BottomPoint

   Dim undoObj As UndoContext = dte.UndoContext
   undoobj.Open("Comment Region")
   Do While (Start.LessThan(endpt))
End Sub
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