This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

TextPanes Interface

Contains all of the TextPane objects in a text editor window.

Namespace:  EnvDTE
Assembly:  EnvDTE (in EnvDTE.dll)

public interface TextPanes : IEnumerable

You can split a text editor window into two panes. The TextPane object gives you access to the specific text selection associated with each pane, as well as its properties, such as height and width. The TextPanes collection contains one or more of these TextPane objects for a text editor window.

public void TextPanesExample(_DTE dte)
    TextWindow tw;
    TextPanes tps;

    tw = (TextWindow)dte.ActiveWindow.Object;
    tps = tw.Panes;
    MessageBox.Show ("The \"" + tw.Parent.Caption + "\"" + " window    
    contains " + tps.Count.ToString () + " pane(s).");