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Solution Methods

The Solution type exposes the following members.

Public method AddFromFile Adds a project to the solution, based on a project file already stored in the system. (Inherited from _Solution.)
Public method AddFromTemplate Copies an existing project file, and any items or subdirectories it contains, to the specified location and adds it to the solution. (Inherited from _Solution.)
Public method Close Closes the current solution. (Inherited from _Solution.)
Public method Create Creates an empty solution in the specified directory with the specified name. (Inherited from _Solution.)
Public method FindProjectItem Locates an item in a project. (Inherited from _Solution.)
Public method GetEnumerator Returns an enumeration for items in a collection. (Inherited from _Solution.)
Public method Item Returns a Project object in a Projects collection. (Inherited from _Solution.)
Public method Open Opens the solution in the specified view. (Inherited from _Solution.)
Public method ProjectItemsTemplatePath Returns the location of project item templates for the specified project type. (Inherited from _Solution.)
Public method Remove Removes the specified project from the solution. (Inherited from _Solution.)
Public method SaveAs Saves the solution. (Inherited from _Solution.)

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