OnMacrosRuntimeReset Event
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DTEEventsClass.OnMacrosRuntimeReset Event

This event supports the .NET Framework infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

Occurs when the common language runtime resets, clearing all global variable data and losing all event connections.

Namespace: EnvDTE
Assembly: EnvDTE (in envdte.dll)

public virtual event _dispDTEEvents_OnMacrosRuntimeResetEventHandler _dispDTEEvents_Event.OnMacrosRuntimeReset
J# supports the use of explicit interface implementations, but not the declaration of new ones.
JScript supports the use of events, but not the declaration of new ones.

If you connect event handlers not in the EnvironmentEvents host item or initialize global variables, you must re-execute that code in the OnMacrosRuntimeReset event handler, because resetting the macros runtime destroys global variable values and event connections.

Public Sub DTEEvents_OnMacrosRuntimeReset() Handles DTEEvents.OnMacrosRuntimeReset
    MsgBox("The CLR is being reset.")
End Sub
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