This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Breakpoint.ConditionType Property

Indicates whether the condition type will break the program execution when true or break when changed.

Namespace: EnvDTE
Assembly: EnvDTE (in envdte.dll)

ReadOnly Property ConditionType As dbgBreakpointConditionType
Dim instance As Breakpoint
Dim value As dbgBreakpointConditionType

value = instance.ConditionType

/** @property */
dbgBreakpointConditionType get_ConditionType ()

function get ConditionType () : dbgBreakpointConditionType

Property Value

A dbgBreakpointConditionType value.

See Breakpoint Condition dialog box for more information.

The following example demonstrates how to use the ConditionType property.

To test this property:

  1. Run the add-in.

  2. Run the target application.

Shared Sub ConditionType(ByRef dte As EnvDTE.DTE)
    Dim strCondition As String
    Dim strType As String

    dte.Debugger.Breakpoints.Add("", "Target001.cs", 15, 1, "tempC < tempF", _
                                 EnvDTE.dbgBreakpointConditionType.dbgBreakpointConditionTypeWhenTrue, _
                                 "C#", "", 0, "", 0, EnvDTE.dbgHitCountType.dbgHitCountTypeNone)
    strCondition = dte.Debugger.Breakpoints.Item(1).Condition.ToString()
    strType = dte.Debugger.Breakpoints.Item(1).ConditionType.ToString()
    MessageBox.Show("ConditionType Property Test: " + vbCrLf + _
                    strCondition + vbCrLf + strType)
End Sub