This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

EnvDTE Namespace

EnvDTE is an assembly-wrapped COM library containing the objects and members for Visual Studio core automation.

Library content is unchanged from prior versions of Visual Studio. All changes and new functionality are contained in EnvDTE80.

Public class_dispBuildEvents_SinkHelperMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public class_dispCommandBarControlEvents_SinkHelperMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public class_dispCommandEvents_SinkHelperMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public class_dispDebuggerEvents_SinkHelperMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public class_dispDocumentEvents_SinkHelperMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public class_dispDTEEvents_SinkHelperMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public class_dispFindEvents_SinkHelperMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public class_dispOutputWindowEvents_SinkHelperMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public class_dispProjectItemsEvents_SinkHelperMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public class_dispProjectsEvents_SinkHelperMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public class_dispSelectionEvents_SinkHelperMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public class_dispSolutionEvents_SinkHelperMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public class_dispTaskListEvents_SinkHelperMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public class_dispTextEditorEvents_SinkHelperMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public class_dispWindowEvents_SinkHelperMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classBuildEventsClassRefer to BuildEvents for this functionality. Do not instantiate from this class.
Public classCodeModelLanguageConstantsA constant specifying the language used to author the code.
Public classCommandBarEventsClassMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classCommandEventsClassMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classConstantsConstants that are common to all Visual Studio programming languages.
Public classDebuggerEventsClassMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classDocumentEventsClassMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classDTEClassMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classDTEEventsClassMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classFindEventsClassMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classOutputWindowEventsClassMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classProjectItemsEventsClassMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classProjectsEventsClassMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classSelectionEventsClassMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classSolutionClassMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classSolutionEventsClassMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classTaskListEventsClassMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classTextEditorEventsClassMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classvsTaskCategoriesRepresents the type of task in the Task window.
Public classWindowEventsClassMicrosoft Internal Use Only.

Public interface_BuildEventsRefer to BuildEvents for this functionality. Do not instantiate from this class.
Public interface_CommandBarControlEventsRefer to CommandBarEvents for this functionality. Do not instantiate from this class.
Public interface_CommandEventsRefer to CommandEvents for this functionality. Do not instantiate from this class.
Public interface_DebuggerEventsRefer to DebuggerEvents for this functionality. Do not instantiate from this class.
Public interface_DebuggerEventsRootMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispBuildEventsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispBuildEvents_EventMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispCommandBarControlEventsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispCommandBarControlEvents_EventMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispCommandEventsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispCommandEvents_EventMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispDebuggerEventsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispDebuggerEvents_EventMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispDocumentEventsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispDocumentEvents_EventMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispDTEEventsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispDTEEvents_EventMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispFindEventsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispFindEvents_EventMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispOutputWindowEventsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispOutputWindowEvents_EventMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispProjectItemsEventsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispProjectItemsEvents_EventMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispProjectsEventsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispProjectsEvents_EventMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispSelectionEventsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispSelectionEvents_EventMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispSolutionEventsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispSolutionEvents_EventMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispTaskListEventsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispTaskListEvents_EventMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispTextEditorEventsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispTextEditorEvents_EventMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispWindowEventsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_dispWindowEvents_EventMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_DocumentEventsRefer to DocumentEvents for this functionality. Do not instantiate this class.
Public interface_DocumentEventsRootMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_DTEThe top-level object in the Visual Studio automation object model. Refer to _DTE for this functionality. Do not instantiate from this class.
Public interface_DTEEventsRefer to DTEEvents for this functionality. Do not instantiate this class.
Public interface_EnvironmentDocumentsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_EnvironmentFontsAndColorsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_EnvironmentGeneralMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_EnvironmentHelpMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_EnvironmentKeyboardMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_EnvironmentProjectsAndSolutionMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_EnvironmentTaskListMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_EnvironmentWebBrowserMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_FindEventsRefer to FindEvents for this functionality. Do not instantiate this class.
Public interface_FontsAndColorsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_MiscSlnFilesEventsRootMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_OutputWindowEventsRefer to OutputWindowEvents for this functionality. Do not instantiate this class.
Public interface_OutputWindowEventsRootMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_ProjectItemsEventsRefer to ProjectItemsEvents for this functionality. Do not instantiate this class.
Public interface_ProjectsEventsRefer to ProjectsEvents for this functionality. Do instantiate this class.
Public interface_SelectionEventsRefer SelectionEvents for this functionality. Do not instantiate this class.
Public interface_SolutionRepresents all projects and solution-wide properties in the integrated development environment (IDE). Refer to Solution for this functionality. Do not instantiate from this class.
Public interface_SolutionEventsRefer to SolutionEvents for this functionality. Do not instantiate this class.
Public interface_TaskListEventsRefer to TaskListEvents for this functionality. Do not instantiate this class.
Public interface_TaskListEventsRootMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_TextEditorEventsRefer to TextEditorEvents for this functionality. Do not instantiate this class.
Public interface_TextEditorEventsRootMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_WindowEventsRefer to WindowEvents for this functionality. Do not instantiate this class.
Public interface_WindowEventsRootMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interfaceAddInRepresents an add-in listed in the Add-In Manager dialog box and provides information about an add-in to other add-in objects.
Public interfaceAddInsContains all add-ins listed in the Add-In Manager dialog box if they are DTE.AddIns, or all of the add-ins loaded by a particular solution if they are ProjectSolution.AddIns.
Public interfaceBreakpointThe Breakpoint object contains the properties and methods used to programmatically manipulate a Breakpoint.
Public interfaceBreakpointsProvides a list of pending breakpoints.
Public interfaceBuildDependenciesRepresents all of the projects that the specified project depends on.
Public interfaceBuildDependencyRepresents all of the projects that the specified project depends on to complete a build.
Public interfaceBuildEventsProvides a list of events for solution builds. Use this object for functionality and refer to BuildEventsClass for this object’s documentation.
Public interfaceCodeAttributeAllows manipulation of a code element's attribute.
Public interfaceCodeClassRepresents a class in source code.
Public interfaceCodeDelegateObject representing a delegate in source code.
Public interfaceCodeElementRepresents a code element or construct in a source file.
Public interfaceCodeElementsA collection of objects representing code constructs in a source file.
Public interfaceCodeEnumObject representing an enumeration in source code.
Public interfaceCodeFunctionAn object defining a function construct in a source file.
Public interfaceCodeInterfaceObject representing an interface in source code.
Public interfaceCodeModelAllows access to programmatic constructs in a source code file.
Public interfaceCodeNamespaceRepresents a namespace construct in a source file.
Public interfaceCodeParameterAn object defining a parameter to a function, property, and so on, in a source file.
Public interfaceCodePropertyAn object defining a property construct in a source file.
Public interfaceCodeStructObject representing a structure in source code.
Public interfaceCodeTypeRepresents a class construct in a source file.
Public interfaceCodeTypeRefAn object defining the type of a construct in a source file.
Public interfaceCodeVariableAn object defining a variable construct in a source file.
Public interfaceColorableItemsRepresents the portions of an item that can be colored, such as the foreground and background.
Public interfaceCommandRepresents a command in the environment.
Public interfaceCommandBarEventsCauses a Click event to occur when a control on the command bar is clicked. Use this object for functionality, and refer to CommandBarEventsClass for this object's documentation.
Public interfaceCommandEventsProvides command events for automation clients. Use this object for functionality, and refer to CommandEventsClass for this object's documentation.
Public interfaceCommandsContains all of the commands, in the form of Command objects, in the environment.
Public interfaceCommandWindowRepresents the Command window in the environment.
Public interfaceConfigurationRepresents a project or project item's build configuration dependent properties.
Public interfaceConfigurationManagerRepresents a matrix of Configuration objects, one for each combination of configuration name and platform name.
Public interfaceConfigurationsContains a set of Configuration objects. Each collection represents a row of Configuration objects for a given configuration name and for each platform, or a column of each Configuration object for a given platform name, one for each configuration name.
Public interfaceContextAttributeRepresents a single attribute associated with a global context or window's context in the Dynamic Help window.
Public interfaceContextAttributesContains all attributes associated with a global context or window's context in the Dynamic Help window.
Public interfaceDebuggerThe Debugger object is used to interrogate and manipulate the state of the debugger and the program being debugged.
Public interfaceDebuggerEventsDefines events supported by the debugger. Use this object for functionality and refer to DebuggerEventsClass for this object's members' documentation.
Public interfaceDocumentRepresents a document in the environment open for editing.
Public interfaceDocumentEventsProvides document events. Use this object for functionality and refer to DocumentEventsClass for this object's documentation.
Public interfaceDocumentsContains all Document objects in the environment, each representing an open document.
Public interfaceDTEThe top-level object in the Visual Studio automation object model. Use this object for functionality and refer to _DTE for this object’s documentation.
Public interfaceDTEEventsProvides events relating to the state of the environment. Use this object for functionality and refer to DTEEventsClass for this object's documentation.
Public interfaceEditPointAllows you to manipulate text as data in text buffers.
Public interfaceEventsAllows access to all events in the extensibility model. Events may also be exposed from specific objects within the extensibility model.
Public interfaceExpressionThe Expression object contains properties used to examine items returned by an expression evaluation.
Public interfaceExpressionsA collection of Expression objects.
Public interfaceFileCodeModelAllows access to programmatic constructs in a source file.
Public interfaceFindSupports general text Find operations in the environment for documents and files.
Public interfaceFindEventsProvides events for Find-in-Files operations.
Public interfaceFontsAndColorsItemsContains ColorableItems objects that define the color, appearance, and other attributes of items.
Public interfaceGlobalsThe Globals object is a cache for storing data for the duration of each session of the Visual Studio environment, as well as across sessions using the VariablePersists property.
Public interfaceHTMLWindowRepresents an HTML document window.
Public interfaceIDTCommandTargetAllows you to create named commands. You must implement this interface to handle new named commands.
Public interfaceIDTToolsOptionsPageImplemented when constructing a custom tools options page.
Public interfaceIDTWizardThis interface must be implemented in a component for it to act as a wizard.
Public interfaceIExtenderProviderAn object that represents an IDispatch-based Extender Provider.
Public interfaceIExtenderProviderUnkRepresents an IUnknown-based Extender provider.
Public interfaceIExtenderSiteSite object for an Automation Extender.
Public interfaceIExtensibleObjectMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interfaceIExtensibleObjectSiteMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interfaceIFilterPropertiesAllows an Extender to hide or override properties in the Properties window.
Public interfaceISupportVSPropertiesMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interfaceItemOperationsObject for performing common file actions.
Public interfaceIVsExtensibilityMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interfaceIVsGlobalsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interfaceIVsGlobalsCallbackMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interfaceIVsProfferCommandsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interfaceIVsTextEditFontsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interfaceIVsTextEditGeneralMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interfaceIVsTextEditPerLanguageMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interfaceLanguageThe Language object contains properties used to examine the language specified by the debugger.
Public interfaceLanguagesA collection of Language objects.
Public interfaceLinkedWindowsThe LinkedWindows collection contains all windows that have been linked together in the environment.
Public interfaceMacrosRepresents the Visual Studio macro recorder.
Public interfaceObjectExtendersObject that provides access to Automation Extenders.
Public interfaceOutputGroupContains the file names for a given named output group.
Public interfaceOutputGroupsContains a collection of OutputGroup objects.
Public interfaceOutputWindowRepresents the Output window in the integrated development environment (IDE).
Public interfaceOutputWindowEventsProvides events for changes to the Output window.
Public interfaceOutputWindowPaneRepresents a pane in the Output window.
Public interfaceOutputWindowPanesContains all Output window panes in the integrated development environment (IDE).
Public interfaceProcessThe Process object is used to examine and manipulate processes.
Public interfaceProcessesA collection of Process objects.
Public interfaceProgramImportant   This object has been superseded by the Process2 object, so it should no longer be used. Existing code using this object continues to work for backwards-compatibility purposes. For new applications, use the Process2 object.
Public interfaceProgramsA collection of Program objects.
Public interfaceProjectRepresents a project in the integrated development environment (IDE).
Public interfaceProjectItemRepresents an item in a project.
Public interfaceProjectItemsContains ProjectItem objects, each representing items in the project.
Public interfaceProjectItemsEventsThe base interface from which projects derive event interfaces of their specific project items. Use this object for functionality and refer to ProjectItemsEventsClass for this object's documentation.
Public interfaceProjectsRepresents all of the projects of a given kind.
Public interfaceProjectsEventsThe base interface from which the various projects derive the events that are associated with their specific project interfaces. Use this object for functionality, and refer to ProjectsEventsClass for this object's documentation.
Public interfacePropertiesContains all of the properties of a given object that are contained in a generic collection of properties.
Public interfacePropertyRepresents one property in a generic collection of properties for a given object.
Public interfaceSelectedItemRepresents selected project(s) or project item(s) in the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).
Public interfaceSelectedItemsContains SelectedItem objects, which represent selected projects or project items.
Public interfaceSelectionContainerRepresents the selection context with objects that model the selection below the project item level.
Public interfaceSelectionEventsProvides events for changes to a selection. Use this object for functionality, and refer to SelectionEventsClass for this object's documentation.
Public interfaceSolutionRepresents all projects and solution-wide properties in the integrated development environment (IDE). Use this object for functionality and refer to _Solution for documentation.
Public interfaceSolutionBuildRepresents the root of the build automation model at the solution level.
Public interfaceSolutionConfigurationRepresents information about a particular way to build the solution.
Public interfaceSolutionConfigurationsContains all of the SolutionConfiguration in the solution.
Public interfaceSolutionContextRepresents all projects in the solution, some of which will be built, and the project configuration and platform that will have context when you select a particular SolutionConfiguration object.
Public interfaceSolutionContextsContains all of the SolutionContext objects for a solution configuration.
Public interfaceSolutionEventsProvides events for changes to a solution. Use this object for functionality and refer to SolutionEventsClass for this object's documentation.
Public interfaceSourceControlUsed to interact with current source control system.
Public interfaceStackFrameThe StackFrame object is used to examine and manipulate stack frames. A stack frame is essentially the same as a function call.
Public interfaceStackFramesA collection of StackFrame objects.
Public interfaceStatusBarRepresents the Status Bar in the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).
Public interfaceTaskItemThe TaskItem object represents a task item in the Task List window.
Public interfaceTaskItemsThe TaskItems collection contains all of the tasks in the Task List window.
Public interfaceTaskListThe TaskList object represents the items in the Task List window in the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).
Public interfaceTaskListEventsProvides events for changes made to the Task List.
Public interfaceTextBufferMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interfaceTextDocumentRepresents a text file open in the editor, such as the Visual Studio Code editor.
Public interfaceTextEditorMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interfaceTextEditorEventsProvides events for changes made in the Text/Code Editor. Use this interface for functionality and refer to TextEditorEventsClass for this object's documentation.
Public interfaceTextPaneRepresents a pane within a text editor window.
Public interfaceTextPanesContains all of the TextPane objects in a text editor window.
Public interfaceTextPointRepresents a location of text in a text document.
Public interfaceTextRangeRepresents a single, contiguous section of text in a text document.
Public interfaceTextRangesContains a TextRange object for each of the tagged subexpressions from a search pattern. TextRanges is also used to find where a box selection intersects each line of text.
Public interfaceTextSelectionProvides access to view-based editing operations and selected text.
Public interfaceTextWindowRepresents a window containing a text document.
Public interfaceThreadThe Thread object is used to examine and manipulate threads.
Public interfaceThreadsA collection of Thread objects.
Public interfaceToolBoxRepresents the ToolBox in the integrated development environment (IDE).
Public interfaceToolBoxItemRepresents an item in the ToolBox.
Public interfaceToolBoxItemsContains all items in a ToolBox tab.
Public interfaceToolBoxTabRepresents a tab in the ToolBox, along with any objects the tab contains.
Public interfaceToolBoxTabsContains all tabs in the Toolbox.
Public interfaceUIHierarchyRepresents standard tool windows in the integrated development environment (IDE) that use hierarchical trees of data, such as Solution Explorer, Server Explorer, and Macro Explorer.
Public interfaceUIHierarchyItemRepresents an item that shows hierarchical tree data, such as Solution Explorer, in a standard tool window in the integrated development environment (IDE).
Public interfaceUIHierarchyItemsRepresents a given level of the UI hierarchy tree. It also represents a collection of the selected items in the tree.
Public interfaceUndoContextRepresents, as a single transaction, all operations performed on all participating open documents in Visual Studio. If its SetAborted method is invoked, all changes made since opening the object are discarded.
Public interfaceVirtualPointAllows you to manipulate text beyond the right margin (left margin in bidirectional Windows) of the text document.
Public interfaceWindowThe Window object represents a window in the environment.
Public interfaceWindowConfigurationThe WindowConfiguration object represents the layout and configuration of all windows in the Visual Studio environment.
Public interfaceWindowConfigurationsThe WindowConfigurations collection contains all named window configurations created for the environment.
Public interfaceWindowEventsProvides events for changes made to Windows in the environment. Use this object for functionality and refer to WindowEventsClass for this object’s documentation.
Public interfaceWindowsThe Windows collection contains all windows in the environment.

Public delegate_dispBuildEvents_OnBuildBeginEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispBuildEvents_OnBuildDoneEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispBuildEvents_OnBuildProjConfigBeginEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispBuildEvents_OnBuildProjConfigDoneEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispCommandBarControlEvents_ClickEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispCommandEvents_AfterExecuteEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispCommandEvents_BeforeExecuteEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispDebuggerEvents_OnContextChangedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispDebuggerEvents_OnEnterBreakModeEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispDebuggerEvents_OnEnterDesignModeEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispDebuggerEvents_OnEnterRunModeEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispDebuggerEvents_OnExceptionNotHandledEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispDebuggerEvents_OnExceptionThrownEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispDocumentEvents_DocumentClosingEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispDocumentEvents_DocumentOpenedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispDocumentEvents_DocumentOpeningEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispDocumentEvents_DocumentSavedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispDTEEvents_ModeChangedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispDTEEvents_OnBeginShutdownEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispDTEEvents_OnMacrosRuntimeResetEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispDTEEvents_OnStartupCompleteEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispFindEvents_FindDoneEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispOutputWindowEvents_PaneAddedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispOutputWindowEvents_PaneClearingEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispOutputWindowEvents_PaneUpdatedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispProjectItemsEvents_ItemAddedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispProjectItemsEvents_ItemRemovedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispProjectItemsEvents_ItemRenamedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispProjectsEvents_ItemAddedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispProjectsEvents_ItemRemovedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispProjectsEvents_ItemRenamedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispSelectionEvents_OnChangeEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispSolutionEvents_AfterClosingEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispSolutionEvents_BeforeClosingEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispSolutionEvents_OpenedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispSolutionEvents_ProjectAddedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispSolutionEvents_ProjectRemovedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispSolutionEvents_ProjectRenamedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispSolutionEvents_QueryCloseSolutionEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispSolutionEvents_RenamedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispTaskListEvents_TaskAddedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispTaskListEvents_TaskModifiedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispTaskListEvents_TaskNavigatedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispTaskListEvents_TaskRemovedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispTextEditorEvents_LineChangedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispWindowEvents_WindowActivatedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispWindowEvents_WindowClosingEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispWindowEvents_WindowCreatedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_dispWindowEvents_WindowMovedEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.

Public enumeration_vsIndentStyleMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationdbgBreakpointConditionTypeFor conditional breakpoints. Indicates a break when the condition is true, or when it has changed. Used by the ConditionType property in the Breakpoint object and by the Add method in the Breakpoints collection.
Public enumerationdbgBreakpointLocationTypeThe breakpoint location type that is used by the LocationType property.
Public enumerationdbgBreakpointTypeIndicatesthe type or state of a breakpoint.
Public enumerationdbgDebugModeThe current state of the debugger within the development environment. dbgDebugMode is used by the CurrentMode property of the Debugger object.
Public enumerationdbgEventReasonSpecifies the reason for most debugging events.
Public enumerationdbgExceptionActionSpecifies the action to take in the event of an exception
Public enumerationdbgExecutionActionSpecifies an action to take in a debug session.
Public enumerationdbgHitCountTypeSpecifies a hit count condition.
Public enumerationDsCaseOptionsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationDsGoToLineOptionsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationDsMovementOptionsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationDsSaveChangesMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationdsSaveStatusMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationDsStartOfLineOptionsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationDsTextSearchOptionsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationDsWhitespaceOptionsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationvs_exec_ResultMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationvsBrowserViewSourceIndicates which window type is used to view web page source.
Public enumerationvsBuildActionRepresents the type of build action that is occurring, such as a build or a deploy action.
Public enumerationvsBuildKindIndicates the kind of build.
Public enumerationvsBuildScopeRepresents the scope of the build.
Public enumerationvsBuildStateRepresents the status of the build operation.
Public enumerationvsCaseOptionsRepresents options for changing text to lowercase or uppercase.
Public enumerationvsCMAccessUsed to determine how a code element may be accessed by other code.
Public enumerationvsCMElementIndicates the type of code element.
Public enumerationvsCMFunctionA constant indicating the type of function, such as a property-get or a method.
Public enumerationvsCMInfoLocationA constant indicating the abilities of the given code model object.
Public enumerationvsCMPartRepresents the portion of a code construct.
Public enumerationvsCMPrototypeA constant specifying prototype options.
Public enumerationvsCMTypeRefThe data type that the function returns. This can be a CodeTypeRef object, a vsCMTypeRef constant, or a fully qualified type name.
Public enumerationvsCommandBarTypeRepresents the scope of the build.
Public enumerationvsCommandDisabledFlagsDescribes the accessibility of menu items and toolbars.
Public enumerationvsCommandExecOptionA constant specifying the execution options.
Public enumerationvsCommandStatusThe current status of the command.
Public enumerationvsCommandStatusTextWantedA constant specifying if information is returned from the check, and if so, what type of information is returned.
Public enumerationvsConfigurationTypeRepresents the type of build configuration.
Public enumerationvsContextAttributesRepresents context attributes.
Public enumerationvsContextAttributeTypeSpecifies the type of new attribute.
Public enumerationvsDisplayRepresents the display mode of the integrated development environment (IDE).
Public enumerationvsEPReplaceTextOptionsRepresents the edit behavior in an ReplaceText action.
Public enumerationVSEXECRESULTMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationvsext_BuildMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationvsext_DisplayModeMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationvsext_FontCharSetMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationvsext_LinkedWindowTypeMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationvsext_StartUpMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationvsext_WindowStateMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationvsext_WindowTypeMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public enumerationvsFilterPropertiesDetermines whether a property displays or not.
Public enumerationvsFindActionRepresents the type of find action to take.
Public enumerationvsFindOptionsRepresents the behavior of the ReplacePattern method, such as how to search, where to begin the search, whether to search forward or backward, and the case sensitivity.
Public enumerationvsFindPatternSyntaxRepresents the type of syntax used for the search pattern.
Public enumerationvsFindResultRepresents the results of a search.
Public enumerationvsFindResultsLocationDetermines the location where the Find Results list displays.
Public enumerationvsFindTargetIndicates the target for the search operation, such as the current document or files on disk.
Public enumerationvsFontCharSetEnumeration describing what character set to use when displaying items in the integrated development environment (IDE).
Public enumerationvsGoToLineOptionsDetermines whether the line navigated to is the first or last line of the document.
Public enumerationvsHTMLTabsIndicates the active tab of an open HTML document.
Public enumerationvsIDEModeRepresents the mode of the integrated development environment (IDE).
Public enumerationvsIndentStyleIndicates how indenting is handled in a code editor.
Public enumerationvsInitializeModeDeprecated. Do not use.
Public enumerationvsInsertFlagsIndicates how to insert text into a document.
Public enumerationvsLinkedWindowTypeRepresents the state of a given window.
Public enumerationvsMovementOptionsIndicates changes to the TextSelection object.
Public enumerationvsMoveToColumnLineIndicates positional changes to the EndPoint object.
Public enumerationvsNavigateBrowserDeprecated. Do not use.
Public enumerationvsNavigateOptionsDetermines whether the browsed content displays in the last active Web browser window or in a new Web browser window.
Public enumerationvsPaneShowHowDetermines how to display selected text or code.
Public enumerationvsPromptResultDescribes the user's action after a dialog box is displayed.
Public enumerationvsSaveChangesDetermines how to save an item or items.
Public enumerationvsSaveStatusIndicates whether or not the save was successful.
Public enumerationvsSelectionModeIndicates the type of selection that TextSelection represents.
Public enumerationvsSmartFormatOptionsDetermines the type of formatting applied to selected code.
Public enumerationvsStartOfLineOptionsRepresents where to move the TextSelection object when moving to the beginning of the line.
Public enumerationvsStartUpSpecifies the startup state of the Visual Studio IDE.
Public enumerationvsStatusAnimationIndicates the icon to display on the Status Bar.
Public enumerationvsTaskIconRepresents the category for the new task item.
Public enumerationvsTaskListColumnRepresents the column in the Task List that was modified.
Public enumerationvsTaskPriorityRepresents the priority for the new task item.
Public enumerationvsTextChangedIndicates one or more reasons why the event occurred, which might help you understand what happened in the buffer.
Public enumerationvsToolBoxItemFormatIndicates the format of the new ToolBox item.
Public enumerationvsUISelectionTypeIndicates how the selection is moved or extended in a UIHierarchy window.
Public enumerationvsWhitespaceOptionsDetermines how and where to remove white space.
Public enumerationvsWindowStateRepresents the state of a given window.
Public enumerationvsWindowTypeRepresents the different types of windows available in the integrated development environment (IDE).
Public enumerationwizardResultA constant specifying the results of the wizard.