This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Editing Code and Resource Files

The Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) provides tools that help you edit and manipulate text, code, and markup, insert and configure controls and other objects and namespaces, and add references to external components and resources.

Editing Text, Code, and Markup

Describes how to use the Code Editor to write and format code.

Editing Resources

Explains how to add new resources to projects, and how to modify resources by using an appropriate resource editor.

Customizing the Editor

Describes how to customize the editor by setting editor options.

Navigating Through Code

Provides links to procedures about using the Find and Replace window, Bookmarks, and the Task List and Error List to locate lines of code.

Using the Toolbox

Describes how to use the Toolbox and the Add Item dialog box to add controls and components to your code.

Viewing Classes, Members, and Symbols

Explains how to browse hierarchies of used and available symbols and resources.

Designing and Viewing Classes and Types

Discusses how to use Class Designer to design, view, and refactor classes and other types.

Coding Aids

Describes how to use IntelliSense and the Toolbox, Class View, and Object Browser while you are writing code.

Code Snippets Schema Reference

Provides definitions for the XML elements that are used to create code snippets.

Working with Settings

Discusses ways to configure, save, and share settings.

Customizing and Automating the Development Environment

Provides links to procedures for customizing and automating the IDE.

Managing Solutions, Projects, and Files

Explains how to create solutions and projects, and how to work with files in storage-based and reference-based projects.

Building, Debugging, and Testing

Provides links to information about how to set breakpoints, handle exceptions, use edit and continue, and fine-tune your application.

Visual Studio Commands and Switches

Lists Visual Studio commands together with arguments and devenv switches.