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Handler Tag
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Handler Tag

Visual Studio .NET 2003

A handler tag identifies a request handler that will be used to render some or all of the replacement tags in that file.

{{ handler dll_path / request_handler }}


The path to the DLL that contains the request handler that will render the replacement tags. Specify an absolute path or a path relative to the physical location of the SRF.
The name of the request handler within the DLL specified by dll_path that will be used to render the replacement tags.

The request_handler string is mapped to a C++ request handler class by a HANDLER_ENTRY macro in the handler map of the DLL or by a request_handler attribute applied directly to the class.


There should be exactly one handler tag in a SRF. Any handler tags following the first tag are silently ignored.


{{ handler AuthorDetails.dll/Default }}

For another example, see the SRFSyntax Sample.

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