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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

setYear Method

Sets the year value in the Date object.

function setYear(numYear : Number)


Required. For the years 1900 through 1999, this is a numeric value that is equal to the year minus 1900. For dates outside that range, this is a 4-digit numeric value.

This method is obsolete, and is maintained for backwards compatibility only. Use the setFullYear method instead.

To set the year of a Date object to 1997, call setYear(97). To set the year to 2010, call setYear(2010). Finally, to set the year to a year in the range 0-99, use the setFullYear method.


For JScript version 1.0, setYear uses a value that is the result of the addition of 1900 to the year value provided by numYear, regardless of the value of the year. For example, to set the year to 1899 numYear is -1 and to set the year 2000 numYear is 100.