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Multithreading in Visual Basic

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Visual Basic applications can perform multiple tasks simultaneously using multithreading (or free threading), a process in which individual tasks execute on separate threads. Multithreading improves the performance and responsiveness of your applications.

Multithreaded Applications

Describes how to create and use threads.

Thread States

Describes how to determine and change a thread's state.

Parameters and Return Values for Multithreaded Procedures

Describes how to pass and return parameters with multithreaded applications.

Multithreading with Forms and Controls

Covers special considerations when working with multithreading, forms, and controls.

Walkthrough: Multithreading

Shows how to create a simple multithreaded application.

Advanced Multithreading with Visual Basic

Lists topics that describe how to manage threads in multithreaded applications

Multithreading in Components

Provides links to topics that describe how to use multithreading in component programming.

Walkthrough: Authoring a Simple Multithreaded Component with Visual Basic

Shows how to create multithreaded components.