This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Data Contracts

This section contains samples that demonstrate data contracts in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

In This Section

Basic Data Contract
Demonstrates how to implement a data contract.

DataContractSerializer Sample
Demonstrates the DataContractSerializer, which performs general serialization and deserialization services for the data contract classes.

Known Types
Demonstrates how to specify information about derived types in a data contract.

Object References
Demonstrates how to pass objects by references between server and client.

POCO Support
Demonstrates the serialization support for unmarked types; that is, types to which serialization attributes have not been applied, sometimes referred to as Plain Old CLR Object (POCO) types.

Usage of Serialization Binder
This sample shows how to use the SerializationBinder to change the version of a generic type when it is serialized.

Build Date: 2011-06-25