WS Binding

.NET Framework (current version)

This section contains samples that demonstrate Windows Service binding in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

In This Section

WS Transaction Flow

Demonstrates the use of a client-coordinated transaction and the client and server options for transaction flow using either the WS-Atomic Transaction or OleTransactions protocol.

WS 2007 Federation HTTP Binding

Demonstrates the use of WS2007FederationHttpBinding.

WS Dual Http

Demonstrates how to configure the WSDualHttpBinding binding.

MTOM Encoding

Demonstrates the use of the Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM) message encoding with a WSHttpBinding.


Demonstrates how to implement a typical service and a typical client using WCF.

WS Reliable Session

Demonstrates the use of reliable sessions.

WS Transport Security

Demonstrates the use of SSL transport security with the WSHttpBinding binding.

Message Security Binding

Demonstrates using message security in WCF.

WS Transport With Message Credential

This sample demonstrates the use of SSL transport security in combination with the client credential being carried in the message.