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Paul Slater (Lead Technical Author)–Wadeware LLC

Robert Hill (Lead Technical Contributor)–

Jason Hogg (Program Manager)–Microsoft Corporation

June 2003

Welcome to Deploying .NET Framework-based Applications. This guide will give you the information necessary to plan and implement the effective deployment of your Framework-based applications. If your organization is developing .NET Framework-based applications, you face the challenge of deploying those applications efficiently and reliably throughout your environment. If you are experienced in the area of deployment, some of the challenges will be familiar. However, there are a number of new technologies in .NET Framework-based applications, and therefore several considerations that are unique to deploying them.

In producing this guide, we have used the experiences encountered by Microsoft and external consultants in the field to provide you with the best information available on effective Framework application deployment. The guide provides information on deploying all types of Framework application using a variety of mechanisms, including no-touch deployment, and Windows Installer package deployment. It discusses the deployment lifecycle from planning through to maintaining applications, and shows how applications built on different versions of the Framework can co-exist side-by-side.

This guide is ideal for anyone responsible for deploying .NET Framework-based applications, and requires no specialized pre-requisite knowledge.


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Deploying .NET Framework-based Applications is designed to show best practices for deployment of .NET Framework-based Applications. The example code and guidance are provided "as-is" and are not intended for production use. Support is available through Microsoft Product Support for a fee.


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