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Caching Architecture for Microsoft® .NET Framework Applications Roadmap

Avi Ben-Menahem, Ronen Ashkenazi
Microsoft Corporation

April 2003

Summary: This document provides caching guidance for developers and architects using the Microsoft® .NET Framework. It introduces the concepts involved in caching, discusses the technologies that can be used to provide caching facilities, and describes the mechanisms you should use implement to cache data in a distributed application. It contains recommendations and best practices for all aspects of caching in .NET-based applications.


This guide consists of six chapters:

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Who Should Read This Guide

This guide provides information about designing, developing, and maintaining a caching mechanism for developers building Microsoft .NET distributed applications. It is aimed at architects and lead developers who are designing and implementing caching within enterprise applications. After reading this guide, you will be well-equipped to determine the best caching technology and technique for your applications needs.

What You Must Know

To use this guide, you should have experience with the following:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft Visual C#® .NET development tool or Visual Basic® .NET development system

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Solution Architect and Program Manager: Edward A. Jezierski

Written by: Avi Ben-Menahem (Microsoft Israel), Ronen Ashkenazi (Microsoft Israel)

Many thanks to the following contributors and reviewers: Michael Pizzo, Jeffrey Richter, Rob Howard, Maarten Mullender, Patrick Ng, Sanjeev Garg (Satyam Computer Services), Tete Mensa-Annan, Diego Gonzalez (Lagash), Pablo Cibraro (Lagash), Kurt Schenk, Tom Devey, Sharon Bjeletich, Eran Witkon, Reuven Goldstein (MTC Israel), Shmoulik Goldstein (MTC Israel), Eva Lidgi (MTC Israel), Mordi Shahar (MTC Israel), Dmitry Khait (SPL Software), Yosi Taguri (SPL Software), Leon Gendler, Dov Lotan (Intel Israel), Eddy Hahn, Steve Newbury, Jeremy Rule, Mark Phillips (PREMIER), and Ian Jirka.

Thanks, also, to the Prescriptive Architecture Guidance and content team: Lin Joyner (Content Master Ltd), Chris Sfanos, Carlos Farre (Solutions IQ), Haridas Pai (Infosys Technologies Ltd), Tina Burden, Cynthia Shyev Riskin, and Sameer Tarey (Infosys Technologies Ltd).

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