Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch Beta

Welcome to the Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch Beta. This documentation set provides an in-depth resource for creating touch-enabled applications. The following table contains an overview of the major sections that are part of the Surface Toolkit documentation.


Section Description

Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Information on how to access this documentation using alternate navigation and viewing methods.

Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch Beta Overview

An overview of the contents of the Surface Toolkit and how you can use it to create touch-enabled applications.

Quick Start

Shows how you can create a simple Surface Toolkit application. The application displays a blank SurfaceInkCanvas control where you can draw in multiple colors by using the mouse or touch.

Programmer's Guide

Demonstrates advanced programming techniques and provides specific guidance as you develop a Surface Toolkit application.


Provides information on getting started with touch-enabled programming, specific examples on how to perform certain tasks, and introductions to the sample applications that are included in the Surface Toolkit .

API Reference

Provides detailed information about all classes, methods, properties, fields, events and delegates that are included in the Surface Toolkit .

When you are ready to distribute an application that you have created with the Surface Toolkit , download the Microsoft Surface Toolkit Runtime for Windows Touch Beta and include it with your installation package. The Surface Toolkit Runtime contains the reference assemblies that are required to run your application.

Community Additions