Microsoft.Surface.Presentation.Controls.TouchVisualizations Namespace

Provides classes that enable visual cues (visualizations) for touch, stylus, and mouse input. When an input event is captured, the visualization consists of a glow under the point of contact and an optional tether that connects the glow to an anchor.

CompoundTouchVisualizerAdapterDefines an adapter that enables your application to set an inner adapter, allowing the composition of behavior from two adapters into one.
RectangleTouchVisualizerAdapterProvides a quick way to calculate the anchor position for rectangular elements.
SurfaceButtonTouchVisualizerAdapterSpecializes the TouchVisualizerAdapter class for a button.
SurfaceScrollViewerTouchVisualizerAdapterCustomizes the TouchVisualizerAdapter class for a SurfaceScrollViewer control.
TagVisualizerTouchVisualizerAdapterCustomizes the TouchVisualizerAdapter class for the TagVisualizer control.
TouchVisualizationAnchorRepresents an anchor that is returned from the GetAnchorPosition method.
TouchVisualizerShows touch visualizations for an input device (for example, a finger, blob, tag, mouse, or stylus).
TouchVisualizerAdapterProvides a way to customize the anchor position and visibility of visualizations for captured input devices.

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