Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Common Namespace


  Class Description
Public class MethodInvocationFormatter
Represents a formatter object that allows replacement tokens in a string. The supported tokens are:
  • {appdomain} - Includes the friendly name of the current application domain.
  • {assembly} - Includes the assembly name.
  • {namespace} - Includes the namespace of the target class.
  • {type} - Includes the name of the type that contains the target method.
  • {method} - Includes the name of the target method.
Public class ReplacementFormatter
This class provides an engine to process a string that contains replacement tokens of the form "{token}" and replace them with calculated value later.
Public class ReplacementToken
A single replacement token used by the ReplacementFormatter. A token consists of two things:
  • The actual text of the token (including the {})
  • A delegate to retrieve the value to replace the token.
Public class ResourceStringLoader
Helper class to load resources strings.

  Interface Description
Public interface IFluentInterface
Interface that is used to build fluent interfaces and hides methods declared by Object from IntelliSense.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate ReplacementTextDelegate
Delegate type giving a function that returns the replacement text for a token.