ICategory::Image (Opnum 12)

The ICategory::Image (opnum 12) method retrieves an IImageInformation interface instance that contains information on the image associated with the update category.

   [out, retval] IImageInformation** retval

retval: MUST be set to an instance of IImageInformation that describes the image associated with the category, or MUST be set to NULL if no image is associated with the category.

Return Values: The method MUST return information in an HRESULT data structure. The severity bit in the structure identifies the following conditions:

  • If the severity bit is set to 0, the method completed successfully.

  • If the severity bit is set to 1, the method failed and encountered a fatal error.

Exceptions Thrown: No exceptions are thrown beyond those thrown by the underlying RPC protocol [MS-RPCE].

This method SHOULD return the value of the Image ADM element.