Content Definition Dialog Box


The Content Definition dialog box is used in Windows Workflow Designer to configure the Content properties of the Send, Receive, SendReply, and ReceiveReply activities. For more information about the activity designers that use this box, see the Send, Receive, ReceiveAndSendReply, and SendAndReceiveReply topics.

The following table describes the user interface (UI) elements of the Initialize Correlation dialog box.

UI ElementDescription
MessageSpecifies the message content with the Message data expression text box and the type by using the Message type drop-down list box. By default, the Content Definition uses the ReceiveMessageContent, which expects a Message or a message contract type within the workflow service definition.
ParametersClick the Parameters radio button to use ReceiveParametersContent, which expects a data contract. Use the data grid to set a generic collection of OutArgument key/value pairs whose values are assigned to variable parameters in the current workflow.

The Content Definition dialog box is used by the Send, Receive, ReceiveAndSendReply, and SendAndReceiveReply designers. Accessing them is similar in each case and the Receive case is used here to illustrate the procedure.

The Receive activity designer can be dragged from the Toolbox and dropped on to the Workflow Designer surface wherever activities are usually placed. This creates a Receive activity with a default DisplayName of Receive. Select the Receive activity designer and click the ellipsis button next to the (Content) text for the Content property in the property grid for the Content Definition dialog box to appear.

The content can be specified within the Message section for a ReceiveMessageContent activity or within the Parameter section for a ReceiveParametersContent activity.

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