This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Quick Technology Finder (Visual Studio)

Visual Studio 2010

This section of the documentation describes some particular features and technology areas that are supported in Visual Studio.

Building Console Applications

Describes how to use the .NET Framework to read characters from the console, and also write characters to it.

ASP.NET Development

Describes how to use Visual Web Developer to create and modify ASP.NET Web applications and Web sites.

Smart Device Development

Provides information about how to use Visual Studio for mobile device development.

Windows Service Applications

Describes how to create an application that is to be installed as a Windows Service.

.NET Framework Programming in Visual Studio

Provides information about how to use the .NET Framework when you develop applications.

Visual Studio Technologies and Languages

Briefly describes key technologies, languages, and application types that are supported in Visual Studio, and provides links to more information.

Getting Started with Visual Studio

Describes several ways to become familiar with Visual Studio, whether you are new to the product or have used earlier versions.

Quick Tour of the Integrated Development Environment

Provides a brief overview of many of the features and tools included in Visual Studio.

Samples and Walkthroughs (Development Environment)

Provides links to information about example code and sample applications that illustrate syntax, structure, and techniques that you can use to solve various programming challenges in Visual Studio.

What's New for Application Lifecycle Management in Visual Studio 2010

Provides information about new and enhanced features that help you reduce risks and increase the productivity of your application lifecycle.