Profiling Tools Usage Rules

Performance rules in the Profiling Tools Usage category provide guidance for using the profiler to collect data most effectively.

DA0002: VSPerfCorProf.dll is missing

Command line profiling might contain incomplete data for .NET Framework binaries. This might be caused by not setting the correct environment variables.

DA0003: Many kernel samples

Many profiling samples that occurred outside the execution of the target binary were recorded. To collect more accurate data, consider using the instrumentation method.

DA0004: High processor usage

Profiling data suggests that your processors were consistently busy during the profiling run. To collect more accurate data, consider using the sampling method.

DA0008: Few samples collected

The number of samples collected in the profiling run was not high enough to be statistically significant. Consider profiling again and running the application for a longer time. You can also consider using the instrumentation method to collect data.

DA0026: Excessive kernel CPU time processing

A significant amount of time in the profiling run occurred in the processor kernel mode. Consider sampling by using system calls as the metric instead of using time as the metric.

DA0029: Unsupported CLR Version

The profiled binary is using a version of .NET Framework that is not supported by the profiler. The profiler reports cannot resolve symbol names.

DA0030: Gather Tier Interaction measurements for database projects

A significant number of calls to methods in the System.Data namespace were collected. To include data about the database calls, consider collecting tier interaction data in your profile runs.