Group Policy Management Console Class Library

The Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) Class Library provides a lattice of .NET classes that can be used to access Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) functionality from .NET code as well as Windows PowerShell scripts and cmdlets. (The Group Policy Cmdlets in PowerShell are implemented using the GPMC Class Library.) Using the GPMC Class Library, you can perform many of the same operations programmatically that can be performed via the GPMC user interface (UI).

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Section Description

About Group Policy Management Console Class Library

Describes the GPMC Class Library and what you need to use it, including instructions on downloading and installing the class library as well as instructions on how to access its functionality from Windows PowerShell.

Using Group Policy Management Console Class Library

Includes step-by-step “how to” samples written in Microsoft Visual C# that illustrate how to use various classes and types from this library to accomplish a specific GPMC task, such as backing up a Group Policy object (GPO), restoring GPOs, and so on. Additionally, most of the samples in this section include stand-alone code that can be run independently or pasted into a larger application and modified to the requirements of the application.

GPMC Class Library Reference

Includes the managed reference documentation for the GPMC Class Library, including all of its supported classes, enums, and other types.