Operating and Modifying Virtual Environments

Operating and Modifying Virtual Environments

After you have created your virtual environments, you are ready to use them in your development and test activities. To run applications or tests directly on a virtual machine, you must first connect to it. You will establish the connection using Microsoft Test Manager, but the actions you can take on the virtual machine depend on both the client operating system and whether you were the user who created the environment.

Use the following topics to help you connect, operate or make changes to virtual environments or virtual machines:


Associated Topics

Establish a connection with the environment: Use Microsoft Test Manager to connect to the virtual machine and the Microsoft Environment Viewer to change or run applications directly on the virtual machine.

Change the state of the environment: Start, stop, and perform other operations that change the state of the environment.

Make changes to the virtual environment: After You use the virtual environment, you might remove outdated virtual machines and add new ones, or change the capabilities of the environment.

Make changes to the virtual machine or the template: After you use the virtual machine or the template, you might make updates to it or add other software. You might change the properties of the virtual machine, such as name or description, or template to let other users know about the changes.

Save a copy for other users: Save the state of your environment either as a snapshot that you can roll back to or as the complete environment.

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