Rethrow Activity Designer

The Rethrow activity designer is used to create and configure a Rethrow activity.

The Rethrow Activity

The Rethrow activity throws a previously thrown exception. This activity can only be used in a Catch handler in the TryCatch activity.

Using the ReThrow Activity Designer

The Rethrow activity designer can be found in the Error Handling category of the Toolbox, which is accessed by clicking the Toolbox tab on the left side of the Workflow Designer (Alternatively, select Toolbar from the View menu or CTRL+ALT+X.)

The Rethrow activity designer can be dragged from the Toolbox and dropped on to the Workflow Designer surface wherever activities are usually placed, such as inside a Sequence. This creates a Rethrow activity with a default DisplayName of Throw. The DisplayName value can be edited in the header of the Rethrow activity designer or in the DisplayName box of the property grid.

The Rethrow Properties

The following table shows the Rethrow properties and describes how they are used in the designer.

Property Name Required Usage



Specifies the optional friendly name of the ReThrow activity. The default is Rethrow.

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