This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Input Method Editor Reference

Office 2007

Global interfaces:

  • Can be activated whenever an application wishes to use the interface. This means that IME can be inactive.

  • Does not have IME context information.

  • Must be in the COM format, where an interface is defined by class ID and interface ID.

  • Each language has a unique class ID. For example, Japanese Microsoft IME has a class ID named CLSID_MSIME_JAPANESE.

Each new version of an interface must use a new interface ID. See the COM specification when implementing or using the COM interface.

The following interfaces are currently provided in this format:

Class ID

Class ID and interface IDs for the MS-IME are defined in a header file, msime.h. Another way of obtaining the class ID is to get the CLSID string from HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MSIME.x.y, where "x" is the country name and "y" is the version number. For Microsoft IME 2003 (Japanese), the country name is "Japan" and the version number is 10. Including the INITGUID.H file (provided by the Windows SDK) before "MSIME.H" defines class IDs as static data for a DLL or an executable. The INITGUID.H file is only included once.

You can download the header files here:

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