IPersistStreamInit Interface

Commerce Server 2000

The IPersistStreamInit interface is a standard Win32 OLE interface. This interface is typically implemented on any object that needs to support initialized stream-based persistence, regardless of whatever else the object does.

In the context of the Order Processing pipeline (OPP), it is used to load or save the component configuration in the pipeline configuration file (the pipeline calls this interface as appropriate). For more information about the IPersistStreamInit interface, see the OLE Programmer's Reference. Variables of type CComVariant can save and read their values from a stream and can be used to hold the values of a component that need to be saved.

The IPersistStreamInit interface supports the following methods:

GetClassIDReturns the class identifier (CLSID) of the object.
GetSizeMaxReturns the size needed to save the persisted values.
InitNewAllows the object to initialize values before saved values are loaded.
IsDirtyIndicates whether the data to be saved has changed since the last save.
LoadLoads data from a stream.
SaveSaves data to a stream.

Header: ocidl.h

IDL File: ocidl.idl

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