The Task Bar

Commerce Server 2000

Every action page that presents a user interface in the content pane needs to define a set of tasks that are available from that page. These tasks are defined in the module configuration file, using the tasks element contained in each action element. For more information about the details of task definition for each action page, see the tasks element topic in the "Business Desk XML Structures" reference.

The tasks defined for an action page are displayed as a series of task buttons, starting at the top left corner of the content pane and continuing to the right. This series of buttons is known as the taskbar. Task buttons appear in the taskbar in the same order that the corresponding task elements appear within the tasks element in the module configuration file.

There are some conventions about the order in which tasks should be defined, and thus the order in which their associated task buttons will appear in the taskbar. For more information about task bar conventions, see Task Bar.

In addition to the tasks defined by each module, as represented by a left-justified set of task buttons, there is a single global task. This task is the Help task, which has a standard, right-justified button. The Help button displays with a question mark icon, and has the mouse-over text "View help for this page." The Help task is the only global task that is automatically included on every action page. Pages that do not specify a help topic using the helptopic attribute of the action element will display the general Business Desk help when clicked. There is no supported mechanism for adding new global tasks.

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