Deploying Microsoft Surface Applications

Surface 1.0 SP1

When users interact with a Microsoft Surface unit, they can access Launcher to see the applications that are available to users. As part of creating and deploying a Microsoft Surface application, you must supply information to the Microsoft Surface software so that it displays the application in Launcher (if it's an attract or standard application) and manages and runs the application.

To supply the necessary information, you must use a Surface Shell-specific API in your application code and you must configure an XML file that Microsoft Surface requires to recognize and run a Microsoft Surface application. This XML file is the mechanism the registers your application with Launcher. You will also need to specify this information during a final test pass for the application to make sure that it works properly from Launcher.

After you develop the application, an administrator must then edit the application's XML file to deploy the application.

There are also special considerations if you plan to deploy a localized Surface application to different cultures and locales, if you want to deploy a Microsoft Surface unit with only one application, or if you want to configure object routing or contact visualizations on a Microsoft Surface unit.

The following topics describe how you can prepare and deploy all types of Microsoft Surface applications:

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