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Commerce Server 2002

Direct Mailer supports opting out or "filtering" a direct mail list against an opt-out list. For Direct Mailer jobs running as part of a campaign item, the platform supports the ability for the individual recipients to opt out of a direct mail campaign item. This is done by using an opt-out Active Server Page (ASP) page, which is shipped as part of the Solution Sites.

The developer that authors the ASP page for the Direct Mailer jobs from the Web server can provide links to an Opt-out.asp page, which enables the recipient to either opt out from the site or the direct mail campaign item by clicking the appropriate link. When a Direct Mailer job running as part of a campaign item is executed, Direct Mailer checks for the presence of the site level opt-out list and the campaign item level opt-out list. If either list exists, those recipients are subtracted from the original direct mail list and the resulting list acts as the new direct mail list.

To support opt-out lists from the command line interface, you use the OptoutListType, OptoutListLocation, and the OptoutListSQL parameters in a job file compatible with the Windows.ini file format. For more information about opting out using the command line interface, see the Job Data Section.

Ee799795.important(en-US,CS.20).gif Important

  • After you have installed Commerce Server 2002 Service Pack 1, you can set access security on Commerce Server List Manager Service, Direct Mailer Service, and the Predictor Service using Dcomcnfg.exe.

    This procedure only applies to Commerce Server 2002 Service Pack 1 and is particularly important to run if you are using Opt-out Lists.

    For information about running Dcomcnfg.exe, see the Microsoft Knowledge Based article number Q328522.

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